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Robust and Continuous Service

Since 1996 our Charities Programs have helped tens of thousands of senior citizens with low income.  Even at the height of COVID pandemic, our service not only continued uninterrupted but actually stepped up to provide additional outreach support to the elderly.  We provided over 480,000 packs of anti-COVID materials, emotional counselling for 200,000 elderly, 10,000+ hours of home care free-of-charge since 2020. Our mission is to protect and take care of our elderly.

Please support Care-on-Call Service Charity Program and EasyHome Service Charity Program by making a donation.

Beneficiaries’ Testimonials

A simple telephone call or a short visit at home could brighten up the day for an elderly person. Because Care-on-Call Service is there for them even in emergency, they can have peace of mind and sense of security.

Single & vulnerable, they need help

Madam Kei is 80+ years old, widowed and lives alone.  One day, she fell down in her bathroom and could not move.  Fortunately she was wearing the remote SOS button of her PEL and could call for help from Care-on-Call Service which arranged for ambulance to take her to hospital.

For single-living elderly, if accidents happen to them and there is no one around, it could result in unimaginable consequences. Care-on-Call Service Charity Program offers help and protection to elderly who are not well supported.

2022 COVID Special Campaign

We always care Elderly


At the height of Omicron epidemic, many single living elderly were found dead at home.  Life or death might hang on a thread depending on whether someone finds out just in time.  That is why Care-on-Call Service and EasyHome® Service provide extra community outreach to 26,000 high risk elderly during Omicron peak to provide extra monitoring and support with oximeters and health check.


Charity Programs

By making a donation to us, you can empower low income elderly to have the support of our Care-on-Call Service and/or EasyHome® Service.

Care-on-Call Service Charity Program

We provide support to impoverished elderly 24 hours a day even in emergencies.

EasyHome® Service Charity Program

We provide personal care service to impoverished elderly with critical needs so that they can have a decent quality of living.

Other Beneficiaries’ Testimonials(Chinese Only)









老老相伴 長相廝守

趙伯伯今年踏入人生第九個十年,更患有認知障礙症,胡婆婆卻形容他是「大細路」,她既是太太,亦像母親一樣照顧他。 胡婆婆身體雖然較健康,但要獨力照顧老伴毫不容易。每天為伯伯親自下廚、餵飯、陪伴覆診。「大細路」總有頑皮的時候,小則嚷著不願洗澡,大則半夜欲離家回到舊居,胡婆婆常要安撫老伴的情緒。她亦已年屆八十多歲,腿部機能衰退,常常在街上跌倒。 幸得「一線通平安鐘TM」慈善計劃,透過協會預約覆診、追蹤防止趙伯伯走失等服務,減輕了胡婆婆作為照顧者的憂慮;兩老若急需即時求助亦可按動室內平安鐘,使他們更為安心。 誠邀大家慷慨捐助,為本地貧困長者及有需要人士送上平安的祝福,幫助他們免費使用協會的「一線通室內平安鐘」或「平安手機®」24小時緊急支援及全面關顧服務。





Sources and Uses of Donation Funds