Our Service

Care-On-Call Services is not only a 24/7 emergency hotline; it also provides location tracking, medical reminders, and general assistance to our elderly users. We believe in the importance of proactive integrated care and timely assistance. Since 1996, we have become a trusted partner to both elderly and their families. 


Because we care, you can relax


Care-On-Call Service Description

1 | Vigilance Service

We monitor the (in)activity status of our Users through their mobile device.  We are vigilant and proactively monitor the safety of the elderly.

2 | Emergency Aid

Our professional team stands by 24x7 and can be reached by Users via the One-press SOS button on our devices.  Our team can provide different types of assistance to the Users based on their needs anytime.  Care-on-Call Service offers a strong safety net to you and your loved ones when you need it most.

3 | Location Tracking

Care-on-Call offers a range of mobile communication devices that are equipped with location tracking function.  This allows family members to search for the Users’ location via an APP.  No more worries about where the elderly have gone.  Their whereabouts can be at your finger tips.

4 | Outpatient Appointment booking

Outpatient Appointment booking & Medicine-taking Reminder

We can help users make appointments at Government Clinics making their lives a bit easier. We can also provide reminders for users to take medicine so neither you nor they need to worry about forgetting.   We are here to help the elderly stay healthy.

5 | Day-to-day Inquiries

Users can call us if they have questions in their daily lives.  We are only one press away and are always happy to help.  We also love casual chat with our users to let them feel socially connected and cared for.  Our users’ emotional wellbeing is our priority.

Our Products

Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, we always have the right solution for you.

Wireless PEL

eCare Link® APP

Safety Phone 4

Care-on-Call Smartwatch

Other Service

Thousand Miles Care Service

No matter where you are, you can stay on top of the well-being situation of your loved ones in HK.

Care-on-Call Brain Health Navigation

We provide appropriate service and products to help dementia patients as well as their caregivers. 

Care-on-Call Workshop

Workshop for dementia patients, caregivers and elderly learning how to use smartphones.