Brain Health Workshop

Our Workshop is designed to provide cognitive exercises to those with the need to keep their minds active and to prevent or slow down cognitive impairment.

Service Beneficiaries

1) Those diagnosed with dementia             2) Those suspected to have dementia

Workshop Content

Brain Health & Cognitive Training

Provide online exercises that can enhance cognitive abilities and brain health in order to prevent or slow down cognitive impairment for people suspected or diagnosed with dementia.

Brain Health Tips For You

Brain Traning

Many researches indicate that doing activities or hobbies help maintain mental alertness and could help slow down cognitive impairment.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy mind, just like a healthy body, starts with healthy diet.  Elderly can learn how to eat a balanced diet with the Food Pyramid.

Exercise & Exercise

Exercise can stimulate the brain and help one feel happier, reducing the loss of neural cells.  Even simple exercises like walking, climbing the stairs or doing house chores is good for body and brain.

Other Workshop

Many fun and practical classes.

Caregivers Workshop

Provide knowledge and practical skillsets to family members on how to do care plan for the elderly. Also helps caregivers manage stress.