Why Wireless PEL

Independent Living

Wireless PEL allows our users to be connected to our Care-on-Call Centre for 24x7 support. 4G mobile network offers stable and fast connection.

With Wireless PEL, you can live more independently with less worries.

Key Functions of Wireless PEL

No need Telephone Line

It is a Plug-and-Use device.  Easy to use.   Can be placed anywhere.  Upgrade from previous PEL with better technology.  With wireless PEL, Users can live more independently with less worries.


Our remote SOS button is a wearable.  With its modern design and Bluetooth connectivity, our wireless PEL can effectively cover even corners of apartments or houses (even with multi-storeys).

Professional WaterProof


Our remote SOS button is truly waterproof.  Users can wear the buttons while taking a bath / shower offering additional safety. 

How to Use Wireless PEL

Our wireless PEL allows you to be connected 24x7 to our professional team who can help you. 4G mobile network offers stable and fast connection.

About Activation

Wireless PEL comes with an easy to understand User Manual.  Customers can easily plug and use the device right away. No professional installation is necessary.


If customers prefer professional installation at home, an extra installation fee will apply.

Other Service

Our EasyHome® Service provides home care for your senior family members. While you are busy, your family members are still well taken care of – by us.

Home Care

Our professional staff can take care of your elderly at home.  We offer three levels of care from standard to advanced depending on their needs.

House Cleaning

A house properly cleaned can make the elderly feel more positive and comfortable at home.  Everything starts from the basic but it all adds up to a better service experience.

Rehabilitation Service

When an elderly is recuperating from a surgery or an illness, he/she needs exercises and encouragement.  We can provide both with our physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the comfort of their home.

Medical Escort

You can be confident that we are there right next to your elderly.  When the elderly need to visit a medical clinic, we will help them get ready.