Care-On-Call Service Description

Our wireless PEL allows you to be connected 24x7 to our professional team who can help you. 4G mobile network offers stable and fast connection.

1 | Vigilance Service

2 | Emergency Aid
3 | Initiative to care
4 | Location Tracking
5 | Outpatient Appointment booking & Medicine-taking Reminder
6 | Day-to-day Inquiries


EasyHome® Service provides premium home care for your senior family members.

1 | Medical Escort、 Home Care、Rehabilitation ServiceHouse Cleaning

2 | Matchmaking completed within 3 hours*
3 | Accessible through the application for checking
4 | Online payment
5 | Labor and third-party liability insurance coverage included

Life is tough but for her

Mrs. Leung, 90, was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. Her conditions had ups and downs and she was taken to A&E several times.

 Her husband and caregiver Mr. Leung was very stressed He said Sometimes I’d rather die…life is tough and trouble…but for her, I must go on…”

Fortunately Mr. Leung was able to get help from Care-on-Call Service. Our social workers discovered Mr. Leung needed help with his emotional health and arranged for social workers to visit him and provide support.

Our Products & Services

Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, we always have the right solution for you.

Care-on-Call Service Charity Program

Single & vulnerable, they need help

Madam Kei is 80+ years old, widowed and lives alone.  One day, she fell down in her bathroom and could not move.  Fortunately she was wearing the remote SOS button of her PEL and could call for help from Care-on-Call Service which arranged for ambulance to take her to hospital.

For single-living elderly, if accidents happen to them and there is no one around, it could result in unimaginable consequences. Care-on-Call Service Charity Program offers help and protection to elderly who are not well supported.

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

To raise the quality of life of people who want to age in place by leveraging technology and innovation to provide people-centric services.

Latest News (Chinese Only)

16 Apr 2024 (Tue)

SCHSA and SWD Signed Contract for the Subsidy Scheme for Provision of Emergency Call System Service

SCHSA and SWD signed an agreement on the Subsidy Scheme for Provision of Emergency Call System Service with effective implementation starting on 1 April 2024.

16 Mar 2024 (Sat)



家中高堂辛勞大半生,作為晚輩或子女,妥善照顧及關心長者是盡孝的表現。不過,大部分香港人既要工作、又要有自己家庭,獨居長者及「以老護老」等情況愈見普遍,不能同住或無法全職照顧長者的子女,或會聘用外籍家庭傭工擔任照顧角色。然而,單靠「工人姐姐」又是否能為長者提供充分照顧,達致居家安老? 根據長者安居協會「一線通平安鐘™」近三年數據,逾六成「一線通平安鐘™」用戶為獨居長者或雙老家庭,當中不少有家傭照顧仍使用平安鐘,而有用戶就以親身經歷,鼓勵長者家人替家中摯親安裝平安鐘,以獲及時支援。

1 Mar 2024 (Fri)

長者安居協會舉辦「愛.平安」社區參與計劃伙伴交流日 每年助萬名長者使用「一線通平安鐘™」 冀各界積極支持



8 Feb 2024 (Thu)




26 Jan 2024 (Fri)

《LINE TODAY》過山車式氣溫加流感高峰 長者安居協會提醒長者需注意個人健康

《LINE TODAY》過山車式氣溫加流感高峰 長者安居協會提醒長者需注意個人健康


26 Jan 2024 (Fri)

氣溫回暖 「過山車」式氣溫加流感高峰 長者安居協會呼籲長者勿掉以輕心 仍需注意個人健康

氣溫回暖 「過山車」式氣溫加流感高峰 長者安居協會呼籲長者勿掉以輕心 仍需注意個人健康

本港本周氣溫驟降,自寒冷天氣警告生效(22日)至今日(26日)中午12時,長者安居協會(「協會」)「一線通平安鐘™」支援中心已接獲超 7,400宗求助個案及超 400宗送院個案,主要原因為跌倒及身體痛症,求助及送院個案數均比寒冷天氣警告發出前升超過兩成。

22 Jan 2024 (Mon)

《am730》長者安居協會提醒嚴寒或致死 籲長者做好禦寒準備

長者安居協會提醒嚴寒或致死 籲長者做好禦寒準備


22 Jan 2024 (Mon)

天氣嚴寒 長者安居協會呼籲長者做好禦寒措施 注意個人健康

天氣嚴寒 長者安居協會呼籲長者做好禦寒措施 注意個人健康


15 Jan 2024 (Mon)

失智長者險被誘到內地「買樓」 幸一線通平安鐘™及時救回 在職子女:搵平安鐘幫手快好多


5 Jan 2024 (Fri)

長者安居協會與長者同行27載 推「678優惠」活動 助長者安享無憂樂齡人生

長者安居協會(「協會」)由1996年成立以來,已伴長者同行27載。27年來,協會堅守服務長者的初心,從原本為長者設立「救命鐘」的服務理念,已擴展到全天候守護長者健康及安全、促進社交聯繫及日常照顧等四大領域,致力成爲長者居家安老的最佳夥伴。 為慶祝成立27周年,協會發起「678優惠」活動,即日起至2月29日,60至80歲以上新用戶登記「一線通平安鐘™」或組合,可享月費優惠或安記海味禮品,其中70至79歲「老友記」更可享高達3年合約其中2年半價*優惠,而另外合資格長者,亦可享兩年合約免一個月加送豐富安記海味禮品禮遇。