Service Statistics (Oct 2023)

Infographic 7

Care-on-Call Charity Programme Beneficiaries

Figure of this month:  9,993 people 

Accumulated figure:  62,834 people 


Infographic 05

Requests for Care-on-Call Service* Support

Figure of this month: 40,756 persons 

Accumulated figure: 12,501,165 persons 

SCHSA Care-on-Call Service includes Personal Emergency Link, Care-on-Call Safety Phone, Mobile Link , e-Care Link Service and Care-on-Call Wireless Personal Emergency Link 

Infographic 02

Emergency Room Admission through Care-on-Call Service

Figure of this month: 2,467 persons 

Accumulated figure:  714,163 persons 

Infographic 01

Care Calls to Care-on-Call Service Users

Figure of this month: 35,402 times 

Accumulated figure: 9,986,881 times