About Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

Founded in 1996, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association ("SCHSA" or the "Association") is one of the leading social enterprises in Hong Kong. It is a self-financed non-profit organization with Section 88 Charity status under the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong SAR.

As Hong Kong’s population ages, an increasing number of individuals and families face the challenges that naturally come with ageing: occurrence of accidents, health deterioration, and loneliness that often stem from changes in inter-personal relationships. Whether or not one could effectively manage, mitigate or even avoid these problems often determines the quality of life (happiness as well as stability) for those who sail into their senior years.  

Ageing could be challenging to navigate not only for the senior citizens, but also for their families. Family members often need to wrestle with how to take care of their elderly in their otherwise busy lives. They also need to balance the needs of different members in the family.  

SCHSA offers Care-on-Call Service that help users and their families to address these problems and risks. Care-on-Call Service is a comprehensive 24/7 support service tailored for the elderly and their families, offering emergency aid, integrated care, around-the-clock vigilance service, health management, and day-to-day living assistance. We also offer EasyHome Services that provide home care to elderly through caretaking, medical escort, house cleaning and rehabilitation services meeting the needs of our users as well as easing the burden of their caregivers.

At SCHSA, we leverage technology and innovation to provide people-centric services in order to ease the stress and challenges that come with ageing. We strive for a future where everyone can age in place properly and enjoy a high quality of living regardless of age. We also hope every family can enjoy harmonious relationships between their seniors and their family members. An elderly is a gem that we should all treasure.