Service Scope



Rehabilitation Services

EasyHome® Services provide targeted rehabilitation services to clients at home in order to help mitigate health deterioration or improve recovery. Our service can help the elderly improve their day-to-day skills and strengthen their self-care capability. Our service can also help relieve caregivers from their burden and provide a respite, making Aging in Place possible.


Basic service starts at 1.25 hour. For information on detailed charges, please download EasyHome®APP           

With EasyHome® App, caregiving elderly is Easy!

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Other Service

Our EasyHome® Service provides home care for your senior family members. While you are busy, your family members are still well taken care of – by us.

Medical Escort

You can be confident that we are there right next to your elderly.  When the elderly need to visit a medical clinic, we will help them get ready. 

Home Care

Our professional staff can take care of your elderly at home.  We offer three levels of care from standard to advanced depending on their needs.

House Cleaning

A house properly cleaned can make the elderly feel more positive and comfortable at home.  Everything starts from the basic but it all adds up to a better service experience.