Care-On-Call™ Product Comparison


Wireless Bell

The main unit and the portable help switch help to create a safer home environment, suitable for friends who pursue a more free, safe and relaxed life.

Safety Phone Generation 4®

Simple and lightweight design, easy-to-use interface, mobile phone specially designed for the elderly. Suitable for friends who like to go out and use traditional mobile phones.

Care-on-call® Smart Watch

A lightweight smart watch with precise positioning and intimate protection as its selling points. Suitable for friends who like new technology functions and often go out.

eCare® Smart Guardian APP

Easily integrate Ping An Bell service into your smartphone for easy management of daily details. Suitable for friends who are good at using smartphones and apps.
Emergency Assistance Service

Location Tracking

Wearable Remote Button

Medical Appointment

Medication Reminder

Measure Heart Beat

Care Call

Health Consultation

Vigilance Service

✓* (Exclude ECL Basic plan)

Standard Monthly Fee





Contract Period

12 months

24 months

24 months

12 months

Concession Scheme

*Vigilance Service including low battery alert & proactive monitoring features.