Care-on-Call Brain Health Navigation Program

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Care-on-Call Service launched “Care-on-Call Brain Health Navigation Program” in October 2020.  The Program aims to 1) further public knowledge about dementia, 2) provide support to caregivers, 3) offer better protection with technology, 4) early disease detection, 5) promote community service and care for families who are affected by dementia.  Through this Program, we hope to ease caregivers’ burden.

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Care-on-Call Service provides 24x7 emergency aid and integrated care service to the elderly.  Our Call Centre staff are trained to help dementia patients especially at night when emergencies often take place.

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Our Smartwatch has incorporated the needs of dementia patients.  It allows users to easily contact our 24x7 Call Centre with a simple press on the Smartwatch.  Its location tracking uses four different technologies.  It is paired with our Vigilance Service and geofencing sending out alerts when users leave/return home.  We help family members stay abreast of the elderly’s whereabouts and we keep watch over their safety.

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Free Cognitive Assessment & Online Exercise

We provide free quick assessment of the elderly’s cognitive ability and make referrals  for full assessment.  We also encourage elderly to join our online exercise groups so that they can get mental, physical and memory exercises while staying socially connected.

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We not only take care of the elderly, but also provide workshops to their caregivers as well as domestic helpers in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in taking care of dementia patients.

Service Description

Professional Training

Our 24x7 Call Centre staff has completed relevant training provided by HK Alzheimer Association and can support dementia elderly and their caregivers.  They receive special training on how to soothe dementia patients’ emotions.

Service & Product for Elderly & Caregivers

We provide service and products that are helpful to dementia patients and their caregivers.  For example, our Smartwatch has geofencing features and allows location tracking. It also allows our Call Centre to make emergency burst calls to the Smartwatch to confirm users’ safety. Caregivers can also find out Users’ location via an App.

Preliminary Cognitive Assessment

If Care-on-Call Service users or their families suspect users might have dementia, they can contact our Call Centre for a 5 minutes cognitive assessment of the elderly.  This could help detect signs of dementia.