Provide 24-hour Call and Care Service for your loved ones to grant your family peace of mind

The service targets:

The service includes:

Main features:

Monthly fee:

Device Mode: Rental
Device + Carer Unit + Service Plan*: $330 X 6 mths
Prepaid: $1,980 (for 6 mths)

Device + Service Plan*:
$290 X 6 mths
Prepaid: $1,740 (for 6 mths)

Carer Unit:
$40 x 6 mths

* Service Plan:
24-hour Outdoor Call and Care Service
1000 voice call mins and 30MB local mobile data usage

Most patients with recognition disorder often forget what happened just a moment ago due to deteriorating memory, and their linguistic competence and judgment ability are also being affected, resulted in socially inactive lifestyle. The SCHSA 24-hour Mobile Link provides professional aid and care for the patients and their families throughout the year to make them rest assured.

How to apply for e-See Find APP?

Family members should keep an eye on the details of the patients’ life to make their daily life easier:

When a family member develops one of the following warning signs, you should seek help from family doctor to assess his/her conditions:

1. Recent memory loss that affects self-care abilities
2. Difficulty in performing familiar tasks
3. Problems with language and self-expression
4. Disorientation to time, place and person
5. Poor or decreased judgment
6. Problems with abstract thinking and calculation
7. Misplacing things
8. Changes in mood and behavior
9. Changes in personality
10. Loss of initiative
 (The above information is from Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association’s official website: