e-Care LinkTM Mobile App

e-Care LinkTM Mobile App is an APP for seeking help from SCHSA through a smartphone application. After a Service User activates the e-Care LinkTM Mobile App, he/she can immediately communicate with SCHSA’s 24-hour Call and Care Service Centre. Centre staff offer suitable assistance services, and contact the User’s family to update the User’s status.

About the Service

  1. 24-hours comprehensive Outdoor Assistant and Support Service
  2. Offers personal caring and emergency assistance services to the elderly and others in need through our core service
  3. Collaboration with Hospital Authority to provide electronic medical record to to A&E Departments to facilitate appropriate medical treatment
  4. Health care information provided by registered nurses
  5. Short-term emotional counseling service by qualified social workers

    Please note that in order to enable service subscription of e-Care LinkTM Mobile App for the users with China Mobile network, VoLTE function has to be available in the smartphone. 

Service Plan

PlanMonthly FeeContract PeriodPromotion Gift
e-Care LinkTM APP $168 12 months Octopus Remote (available for Andriod Version only)#

#Promotion gift is subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.

Android users can make use of SCHSA's designated remote to activate the e-Care LinkTM Mobile App, additionally the remote is equipped with the Octopus function, making the user feel more convenience in an outdoor environment.

About e-Care LinkTM Mobile App Octopus Remote

  1. Direct connect to to SCHSA's 24-hours Call and Care Service Centre
  2. Equipped with Octopus function


e-Care Link Mobile App - Successfully Tested Smartphones1, 2


1 The performance of e-Care LinkTM Moibile App is subjected to the handset and SIM card.

2 For the users with the dual-sim smartphones who would like to use the e-Care LinkTM Mobile App, the users need to ensure that both data and voice network services are available in the same SIM card in order to activate the e-Care LinkTM Mobile App.

3 These models are applied to single SIM card only.

4 The smartphone of China Mobile Hong Kong users need to be under Android 4.0 operating platform and support volte, in order to be compatible for using e-Care LinkTM Mobile App.

(Last updated on 23 August, 2019)


e-Care Link Mobile App - Not Recommended Smartphones

(Last updated on 23 Aug, 2019)