Cyber Engagement is an online platform for seniors to develop their social network.

Online platform for seniors:

We are dedicated to building an excellent online platform to cover the latest information and hot topics of concern to the elderly. They can share their knowledge and experience in different fields, and even moments of their lives. Such a platform also allows the elderly to interact with their family members while extending their social circle online.



Cyber Engagement Cyber Engagement is an online information and sharing platform for seniors and those who care for them. It provides seniors with a discussion forum, some latest news, professional advice and blog to enhance exchanges and learning among members.
WE Channel WE Channel is an online video platform for seniors to share the moments of their lives and wisdom through video clips, enabling them to keep pace with the times.
Silver Age Club Silver Age Club is a platform that connects members and offers customized services, such as personal calendar, family and friends contact list, family communication and blogging – a truly good companion for the elderly in daily life.