About Us


Established in 1996, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) is one of the most established social enterprises in Hong Kong and a self-financing non-profit organization.  SCHSA operates Care-On-Call Service, the most comprehensive 24/7 assistance service providing integrated care, community support and emergency help to local senior citizens and anyone in need. In addition, we provide a wide range of active ageing services to volunteers to enrich their lives through learning, action and contribution. SCHSA is an integrator of technology and people-oriented service, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the elderly in the community.



To enable the elderly to live a quality live of their own choice in the community.


To enhance the living quality of the elderly in the community through the use of technology, people-oriented services, and innovative methods.





  1. People-oriented - Emphasize on the value of lives and respect the differences of each individual.
  2. Value the elderly - Value the rights, needs, and living quality of the elderly, and to enrich their lives.
  3. Cultivating welfare - Operate as a self-financing social enterprise, providing more resources to social welfare.
  4. Partnership - Encourage collaboration with different entities and diverse development, and to attend to all needs of the elderly.
  5. Value innovative ideas - Encourage innovative ideas and its application to elderly services.