About Us


Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (‘SCHSA’) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit charitable organisation with a self-financing model. Today it is one of the most established social enterprises in Hong Kong. SCHSA provides Care-on-Call Service, the most comprehensive 24/7 support service in the territory consisting of emergency aid, integrated care, around-the-clock vigilance service, health management, active ageing services and day-to-day living assistance. Our mission is to enable all service users in their senior years to age in place with a quality life by leveraging technology and innovation to provide people-centric services.



Our Mission and Values


To empower people who choose to age-in-place with the promise of quality life.


To raise the quality of life of people who want to age in place by leveraging technology and innovation to provide people-centric services.



1. Enterprise in Support of Social Services – We operate as a self-financed social enterprise and commit resources generated from our operations to community services that can further our social impact.

2. Collaboration and Partnerships - We collaborate with different sectors to help meet the multifaceted needs of our senior citizens.

3. Senior Citizens Well-being First - We treasure our elderly’s role in family and society and we care deeply about helping them live the best lives possible.

4. People at the Core of What We Do - We respect that everyone has value and needs. We value and connect people with love.

5. Embracing Innovation- We strive to integrate innovative ideas and practices into our organisational and service development