Mr. Chek, 90-year-old, was diagnosed with dementia. His wife Ms. Pang takes care of him day and night. One time Ms. Pang realised Mr. Chek was taking an unusually long shower. Upon opening the door to check up on her husband, Ms. Pang found him on the ground, helpless and unable to call for help. She failed to help him up, so she immediately pressed the help button on the Personal Emergency Link device. SCHSA’s staff then promptly made the ambulance call for her. When the paramedics arrived on scene, they found Mr. Chek was lying naked on the floor and in a fever that required immediate hospitalisation. With the sponsorship of Charity Programme, Ms. Pang and her husband can enjoy free Care-on-Call Service, and live with love and peace every day.

“I am almost 100 years old. I have poor hearing, no teeth, diabetes and high blood pressure. Simply put, life is torture! But the staff of the Association always support me, help me find comfort and relief, as well as remind me that I still have a friend who I can count on at all times.” Ms. Shum, aged 94 said. Beyond providing 24/7 emergency hotline assistance, our Care-On-Call Service Call Centre also plays the role of a good listener to our elderly users’ frustrations and worries. With one simple press on the help button, users can share their inner thoughts, or ask us questions about community and daily life aspects, or request assistance for medical appointment scheduling and medication reminder. Our staff also regularly take the initiative to call on the elderly to check on their wellness and to show we care, spreading joy and soothing their troubled minds.